• 09 APRIL — 23 APRIL 2021
Hanna Frenzel

Movement in Plastic

Hanna Frenzel’s works with her own body in veiling are a recurring motif. They are documents of a specific moment, grasping the fleeting of a time-based movement in space.

“I look for spaces, hiding places you could say. You disappear because the world outside becomes more and more frightening. I am a fearful person, as a child I was even more fearful. I hid in my own dreams, my parents were very desperate. They thought I was going crazy because I was always dreaming. I was never in reality, and as a teenager or young woman I developed the same fears – fortunately I was able to produce images out of them. That doesn’t always work out.” Hanna Frenzel

We showed a selection of Hanna Frenzel's work at Galerie Auslage in September 2020. Frenzel caused a furor in the 1980s and 1990s in particular with her performances and the films and photographs representing them. Veiling, withdrawing and yet stepping onto the stage are central themes of her performances.

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Photos of the exhibition
Hanna Frenzel - "You see, I’m a damn dreamer",
at Galerie Auslage, Berlin Art Week 2020
Exhibited Works: "Gummoving, 1980", "Aquamoving, 1979"


Hanna Frenzel was born in Frankfurt am Main, completed an apprenticeship as a lithographer in the 1970s and then studied at the Munich Art Academy.

In the late 1970s she moved to Berlin, where she had her first exhibition in 1979 in Mike Steiner's legendary Studio Gallery. Over the next decade, her works were presented throughout Europe, in Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Maastricht, Paris, Locarno, Warsaw, Genoa, Milan or Istanbul, at the Biennale di Venezia (1980), at the Munich Metropoles Festival for Video and Film Experiment (1982), at the Sprengel-Museum Hannover (1984), at the Kunstmuseum Bern (1985), at the first international video biennial in Vienna (1985) or then in 1990 at the 13 Tokyo Video Festival, in 1994 at the Berlinale or in 1995 at the Hygiene Museum Dresden.

From the end of the 1990s she took up a teaching position at the Institute of Arts in Freiburg. Hanna Frenzel's works can be found in public collections such as the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin, the Berlinische Galerie, the Lenbachhaus Munich or the Stuttgart Staatsgalerie.